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Fungal Culture Collection of Myko Tech

The following is a list of some of the interesting cultures of tropical fungi present in the collection of Myko Tech.  Please contact for specific requirements.

Ascomycetes and their anamorphs Graphium sp. Trichobotrys sp.
Acrodictys sp. Gyrothrix sp. Trichosporiella sp.
Acrodontium sp. Halophytophthora sp. Trichurus sp.
Acrostalagmus sp. Harzia sp. Venustosynnema sp.
Arthrinium sp. Helicoma sp. Vermiculariopsiella sp.
Arthrobotrys sp. Helicomyces sp. Virgatospora sp.
Bactrodesmium sp. Helicosporium sp. Wiesneriomycessp.
Bahusandhika sp. Hermatomyces sp. Xylaria sp.
Basifimbria sp. Hypoxylon sp. Basidiomycetes
Beauveria sp. Kostermansinda sp. Agaricus sp.
Beltraniella sp. Linodochium sp. Anthracophyllum sp.
Botryotrichum sp. Mariannaea sp. Auricularia sp.
Brachysporiella sp. Metarhizium sp. Chlorophyllum sp.
Canalisporium sp. Monodictys sp. Clarkeinda sp.
Cancellidium sp. Moorella sp. Dictyophora sp.
Catenularia sp. Mycoenterolobium sp. Fomitopsis sp.
Chalara sp. Paradictyoarthrinium sp. Ganoderma sp.
Cordana sp. Periconia sp. Hygrocybe sp.
Costantinella sp. Phialosporostilbe sp. Lentinus sp.
Craspedodidymum sp. Phytophthora sp. Leucoagaricus sp.
Cryptophiale sp. Piricauda sp. Leucocoprinus sp.
Dendryphion sp. Piricaudiopsis sp. Macrolepiota sp.
Dendryphiopsis sp. Pochonia sp. Marasmiellus sp.
Diatrype sp. Podospora sp. Mycena sp.
Dictyoarthrinium sp. Pseudocercospora sp. Piptoporus sp.
Dictyochaeta sp. Pseudogliophragma sp. Pleurotus sp.
Dictyosporium sp. Rhinocladiella sp. Russula sp.
Digitoramispora sp. Robillarda sp. Termitomyces sp.
Edmundmasonia sp. Sadasivania sp. Volvariella sp.
Excipularia sp. Scopulariopsis sp. Mucorales
Exserticlava sp. Selenosporella sp. Absidia sp
Farrowia sp. Shrungabeeja sp. Choanephora sp.
Fusticeps sp. Spondylocladiopsis sp. Cuninghamella sp.
Gangliostilbe sp. Sporothrix sp. Gongronella sp.
Gliocephalotrichum sp. Staphylotrichum sp. Mortierella sp.
Gliocladiopsis sp Tetraploa sp. Mycotypha sp.
Gonytrichum sp. Torula sp. Phycomyces sp.
    Syncephalastrum sp.

A Database of Metabolites known from Fungi present in the Culture Collection of Myko Tech

Myko Tech possesses nearly 1,000 cultures of fungi, mostly cultured from the Western Ghats of India. Many of these are rare and unique tropical fungi. The company has developed a database on metabolites reported in literature for some of these fungi. Many genera in our culture collection do not seem to have been screened for metabolites, to the best of our knowledge. A list of 86 such fungi is given at the end of the database. The database is a selective compilation that includes only those that are not common and routinely isolated by mycologistsl and those that are seldom found in culture collections. Myko Tech seeks partners in research and product development who wish to access these cultures from our culture collection and study them further with a view to developing novel pharmaceutical and biotechnological products.

An example:
Arthrinium arundinis
Compound: Arundifungin, an acidic steroid.

The compound has antimicrobial and fungicidal properties and may be useful for controlling systemic and superficial fungal infections in humans with fewer side effects than standard antifungal agents such as amphotericinB or fluconazole.

1. Liesch JM et al.1998. US Patent 572109
2. Cabello MA et al.2001. Arundifungin, a novel antifungal compound produced by fungi: biological activity and taxonomy of the producing organisms. Industrial Microbiology 4: 93-102.