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About Us

Myko Tech became operational in 2005.  The company has set up a large culture collection of microorganisms with the aim of exploring for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and enzymes that will improve human health and environment. The company cultures microorganisms from rare and novel environments and screens them for various biotechnology products.  The present activities centre around filamentous fungi and yeasts, of which more than 1000 rare species are represented in its collection.  These have been isolated from forest litter, endophytes, various plant materials, herbivore excreta and the sea.  Myko Tech is expanding its culture collection to include rare bacteria. The laboratory and office are situated in Goa, in the middle of the terrestrial hot spot of biodiversity and adjacent to the wealth of marine life.  The R & D Laboratory of Myko Tech is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology (DSIR), Government of India.  Myko Techs research is supported partly through funding by government agencies

The expertise

We at Myko Tech have several years experience in studying terrestrial and marine ecosystems. By virtue of this, we have excellent capabilities to isolate microorganisms from a wide variety of unique substrates in a variety of habitats for isolation of microorganisms. Our expertise includes the following.

  • Novel isolation techniques

  • Identification of fungi;

  • Biodiversity of terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems;

  • Screening for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals;

  • Industrial enzymes

Research Targets

  • Establishment of a microbial culture collection: The primary task of the Company is the establishment of a unique microbial culture collection. Presently, rare and novel fungi are being isolated from a variety of terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Myko Tech possesses more than 1,000 such fungi in its collection.

  • Microbial metabolites research:  Myko Tech carries out screening of its microbial cultures for the following:

             Omega-3 PUFAs


             Industrial intermediates



             Nutraceutical compounds

             Pharmaceutical compounds

             Industrial enzymes